Monday, November 28, 2011

Dot Stickers

We visited mum's art class recently and out of all the amazing materials available, Finn chose the dot stickers mum uses to colour-code the children's art work into class groups.  Lots of fun and great for fine motor skills! 

Painting with Feathers

You don't always have to use paintbrushes when working with children and art. Today we experimented using twigs, feathers, sponges and anything else we found around the house and garden that helped make marks.
The effects can be quite interesting. 


Sometimes I find children need a little kick start with their drawings, and so helping them start with a little shape, or body part can help them find inspiration.  Here I drew the pink circle with a hat and ears, and Finn finished it off, turning it into 'inspector gadget'.  

Felt Faces

About a year ago I had cut out a variety of felt facial features and face shapes in different sizes, shapes and colours (noses, lips, beards, eyebrows, eyes, hair etc). I put them in a zip-lock sandwich bag and bring them out occasionally for Finn to play with.  He comes up with new, and interesting faces every time. 

A light, quiet and clean activity for when you are out and about and need to keep little hands busy. 

If the child is skilled with scissors they could make their own shapes, and glueing is also an option. 

Drivers Licence

We are buying and selling properties at the moment, and spending a lot of times talking to mortgage brokers which Finn finds incredibly boring. During a recent discussion as an attempt to keep Finn entertained, I came across a photocopied drivers licence which had been enlarged about 300%, and had my face mostly blurred out. I asked Finn to draw me my portrait in the blank spot and this is what he came up with. 

Birthday Card

I woke up last saturday morning to find the best birthday pressie- a gorgeous drawing from Finn titled 'Mummy and The Robot'. 

Ashe had found a watercolour painting that Finn had previously made, and requested Finn to draw with ink over the top.  It created a lovely effect which I will be proud to hang on my wall.