Sunday, November 25, 2012

Overhead Projector

A couple of months ago we picked up an overhead projector from the tip shop for $30. What fun it has been!

The children can draw directly onto it using transparencies and see their images on a huge scale, they can also experiement with light and shadows (you will often find OHP's used regularly in Reggio Emilia inspired schools).

Today Finn pulled out his Halloween trinkets and put on a spooky show for Evie who sat in the front row, entranced.


Darling little Evie. At 2 and a half, she is a quiet contented player. I love observing her in her solo imaginary play, and I love that she is breathing new life into Finn's duplo.


The past few weeks have had a real pirate focus for our household. Finn was invited to his preschool friends 'pirate' party so there has been a lot of excitement, inquiry and preparation building up to the big event.

 I was so thrilled to see Finn closely studying an illustration of a pirate hide-out and replicating into his sketch-book, adding an amazing amount of detail.

He is really looking when he draws now- and it has real meaning to him.

He has been dressing up and roll playing..

and drawing endless pages of pirates and ships.

The party lived up to all of his expectations.

How cute are these cupcakes?