Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My little Inventor

Finn has for a long time been talking about being an inventor when he is a 'big man'. I bought him his own inventions sketch book so he can jot down any ideas and look back on it  (and possibly invent) when he is older. He has spent hours and hours in this book over the past week busily working on his machines, robots and factories. He has also been taking it everywhere with him which has been great if I need to keep him occupied while at a cafe or waiting room. 

What I have to do now is go through his sketches and jot down what they are, otherwise we will both forget what they are meant to do! 

Box Construction

We do a lot of work at the kitchen bench! Today the children wanted to construct three dimensional flying objects. I often forget about artistic construction for them, but they love it, and it's so easy to grab some boxes out of the recycling bin and give them some sticky tape. Evie usually wants to make the same as Finn with some slight variations, and that is fine. Finn has a really clear image of what he wants to create and I allow him access to the resources he needs. 

I try not to interfere in what they are doing (unless they need help with the tape or scissors). I think it is important that they engage in the problem solving and creative process in their own way. 

A Perfect Circle

Evie (who just turned two) is mastering her 'circles'. Currently her pages of drawings and paintings are filled with circles, and circles within circles. A beautiful little milestone to watch, and she does it with such concentration and patience. 

I have posted this link about children's drawing developmental before, but it's interesting for me to read again.

Coloured baths

For the past few weeks the children have been insisting on having food dye in their baths. I am finding that is really helping with them understanding colour mixing/blending. 

I get two clean juice or empty milk bottles and fill one with one primary colour (for example yellow), and the other with another primary colour (for example blue) and I ask each child to wait their turn to empty their bottle in the bath (ta-da, green water). The children find it pretty spectacular and somewhat magical. It doesn't seem to stain their skin or the bath, so everyone is happy and they are learning while they play.