Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Block Work

Evie has long given up her daysleeps, so the days that she does nod off is very precious time to me. So an activity that Finn can become absorbed in for hours is block construction. I put on an audio book (Roald Dahl) My children lead such busy, social and noisy lives- it is so nice for them to have quiet, uninterrupted time on their own creating and thinking.

Mud Pie Kitchen

In a secret part of our garden- daily there is a lot of learning, experimenting and merrymaking going on.  
Recently we set up a mud pie kitchen for the kids (sourcing secondhand a TV cabinet, old pots, pans, metal teapots and spoons). They are usually happy playing with sand, dirt and a bucket of water. But today I added food colouring and cornflour to the fix. They had a lovely time creating slime pies. 

Circus Oz

Over the weekend, we took the children to see Circus Oz  which was an amazing show (we had front row seats which made it even more fantastic). Finn was lucky enough to be plucked from the audience to be part of the show. 

Since the show there has been a lot of circus tricks being practiced and a lot of dressing up. 

Fruit Kebabs

Fruit seems so much more fun on a stick..