Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mud Pie Kitchen

In a secret part of our garden- daily there is a lot of learning, experimenting and merrymaking going on.  
Recently we set up a mud pie kitchen for the kids (sourcing secondhand a TV cabinet, old pots, pans, metal teapots and spoons). They are usually happy playing with sand, dirt and a bucket of water. But today I added food colouring and cornflour to the fix. They had a lovely time creating slime pies. 


  1. Jess, look at the difference in your photographs! I am so impressed! I really love this set, the light is so natural and striking. Well done!
    Of coarse I love your mud-pie kitchen. So much so that we created our own (based on your ideas). I posted about it here:

    and here:

    Thanks for the inspiration and direction. Finn and harper love it!

    1. Thanks Amber. Your kitchen looks fantastic. I love the signage!
      I bought that 50 mm lens you recommended- the results are so much better (especially portrait and low light shots), and I'm having lots of fun with it! Thanks for your inspiration!