Monday, February 14, 2011

Contact Collage

This is a great activity for children when you want to have a glue or paint free day. It is low mess, effort and not many tools are required. Cut two squares of contact (self sticking paper) one for the base, and one for the top. 

With the sticky side facing up, attach the first sheet of contact on the table (using a bit of masking tape or blu-tack on the corners) so it doesn't curl up or get stuck onto itself. 

Give children a variety of flat objects to stick onto the contact, for example: collected dry leaves, tissue paper, paddle-pop sticks, tin foil, glitter etc. 

Once they have finished, help the children place the top contact sheet over the top, and smooth down. A little hole can be punched into the top, so it can be hung with some string in front of a window. 

Finn explained that his artwork represented a farm with a fence around some sheep. 

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