Sunday, May 22, 2011

Finger Prints

For this activity you need:
A stamp pad (one or more colours)
Pens/ pencils/ Crayons

Magnifying glass
Book about Bugs/ insects

We started by looking at a few books about insects and bugs. Noting the different body parts that make up the insects (a journey into the garden with the magnifying glass would also be valuable). 

I then let Finn experiment with making prints and patterns by pressing his fingers in the ink-pad (show children how roll fingers in the ink then onto the paper).

Finn loved watching the different shades and tones appear (as he repeated printing before re-applying ink to his finger).

He also enjoyed testing out a variety of his fingers for creating different shapes and sizes.

We then looked at the patterns of the finger prints through the magnifying glass.

I then gave him some smaller pieces of paper so he could try his hand at turning some prints into his own insect. Adding wings, antennae, legs. etc.

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