Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cable Car

I was inspired by the reading Finn the book 'The Lighthouse Keeper's lunch' by Ronda Armitage, which features an impressive basket on a cable which the lighthouse keeper gets his lunch delivered in. Finn and I decided to make our own cable car (although you can buy cute ones by Kraul). 

We found two little pulleys from a hardware shop (for around $3 each), and some washing line rope from the supermarket (4 mm thick), and attached each pulley to opposite sides of the deck via a small carabiner, and used a basket big enough to hold some favourite toys. 

I gave Finn a 'lift operator' outfit to wear (anything will do), and gave him some raffle tickets and a stamp so he could give his toys a pass on boarding. 

There is a book called 'Earth, Water, Fire and Air' - by Walter Kraul, which has more details on how to make cable cars, and other scientific toys like windmills & hot-air balloons.  

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