Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mixing Colours

Finn wanted to paint with sponges and small rollers today (you can buy in packets from most places that sell art & craft supplies). 

I started off by only giving him blue paint, then after a few minutes I washed his brush and roller, and gave him a container of yellow paint.  As he was applying the yellow paint, we talked about how when the yellow paint meets up with the blue paint- it creates green. 

Watery ink paints (watercolours or water mixed with food colouring) are the best for demonstrating this. There are many poems about colour mixing you can share with children. 
Here is one example:  

by Ilo Orleans

When I put YELLOW
Paint on RED,
The colors change
To ORANGE instead.
And, mixing BLUE
And RED, I get
A pretty shade

Another trick
That I have seen:
Turn into GREEN.

There's magic when
My colors mix. 
It's fun to watch them
doing tricks.

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