Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pressed Flowers

A few months ago we collected some flowers from around the neighbourhood and pressed them in a simple flower press (can be done between sheets of blank A4 paper inside a heavy book).
We had forgotten about them for a few months, so they were well and truly ready we pulled them out yesterday.

I gave Finn some clear contact sheets and he arranged his flowers on the sticky side of the contact. We then pressed the contact onto a sheet of paper, and cut the squares so he could then turn them into cards or bookmarks.

I also asked him to place one flower he chose onto a piece of paper, and work into it with a pen using the flower as a starting point to his drawing (you could attach the flower with a bit of glue first or sticky tape to hold it in place). I then sealed his drawing and and the flower with a sheet on contact on top.

There is cute book called Leaf Man which could be used as inspiration for creating other collages with dried leaves and flowers.

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